The Shopify Plus Loyalty Bundle

It’s time to raise your loyalty game

Sky-high customer acquisition costs getting you down? Tired of battling with customer churn? Want to get to know your customers on a deeper level? 
Whether you’re just starting out with a customer retention strategy, or looking to level up your existing loyalty program, our loyalty content has you covered.

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From strategy and design, to automation and advocacy, read our ultimate guide to loyalty programs for Shopify Plus. Everything you need to know to keep your customers coming back for more. Includes a handy checklist!


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We’ve teamed up with our lovely friends at LoyaltyLion and Kinga Dow Productions to explore the makings of an effective loyalty program. Catch up on the action here.


Get inspired by real life success stories

How a Loyalty Program Generated a 39% Uplift in Returning Customers

When Pulse Boutique initially reached out to us, they were looking to take their customer engagement to the next level. The brand wanted to offer their loyal customers the chance to join a friendly conversation, ‘share the love’ and become part of a mutually beneficial business-to-consumer relationship. With their devoted fan base of customers returning to their website time and time again, we recognised that a loyalty program was the only missing link in the community chain they were building.

To help Pulse Boutique realise their growth potential, we therefore got to work creating ‘Pulse Perks’ for their customers by integrating a rewards scheme into their Shopify store.

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How a Loyalty and Growth Strategy Boosted this Shoe Store's Revenue by 226%

When this Shopify Plus footwear retailer initially approached our team, they were looking to boost their conversion rate and increase their profit margin significantly. One of the major challenges holding the business back from achieving these goals was their inability to retain customers. If no changes were made, the team knew that they would miss out on a massive revenue opportunity.

Having established the client’s goals by assessing both their digital tools and website analytics, Swanky were able to completely revitalise the brand’s customer loyalty program.

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Get more ideas from the Swanky blog

05 July 2019

An Attitude of Gratitude: 
7 Ways to Thank your Ecommerce Customers


Taking time out to thank customers for their business is a task all too often relegated to the bottom of to-do lists, but a simple 'thank you' can go a long way in creating lasting connections with your customers and inspiring long-term loyalty. Join us as we explore why and how to thank your customers, complete with some real-life examples of brands successfully sharing the love.

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21 June 2019

5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Social Responsibility Into Your Customer Retention Strategy


Now, with conscious consumerism on the rise, social responsibility has become a priority for customers, particularly amongst millennials. Not only do socially responsible initiatives allow your brand to give back to society, but they can be an effective tool to keep shoppers coming back for more. Here, we examine social responsibility as a customer retention strategy.

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04 June 2019

3 Customer Retention Strategies to Unlock Long-Term Customer Loyalty


Today’s customers expect a lot more from their shopping experiences. There’s a huge range of stores just a click away that can offer all their heart’s desires when it comes to low prices and logistical wishes such as next day delivery. But with so much choice out there, customers are now more empowered to be pickier with where they spend their money.

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